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Edge Forming Tool (EXCLUSIVE by Cleaveland Tool) (SKU: EF60)

  • $70.00

Product Description

This is a tool that REALLY WORKS! 

  • Roller shape forms a slightly turned edge on aluminum to assure a tight fit along the joints of overlapping sheets. 
  • Hardened stainless rollers are attached to Vice-Grip handles. 
  • Handle is at a comfortable-to-use angle. 
  • Rollers are adjustable to the aluminum thickness and once set, can be locked to reproduce exact results.
  • Very controllable.
  • 6 inch overall length
  • Bend reaches 0.2 inches from edge

Quick Demo on YouTube from our shop

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Leo Murray
Edge Forming Tool

Very useful tool. Make sure it's adjusted correctly for the material thickness and also make sure to keep the edge straight on the guides and break along the edge carefully and slowly.

Great service from Cleaveland Tool!


Beautiful, works great

Jim Baldauf
Simple, easy and well worth it

Why spend hours deburring only to have a sloppy seam. Well worth the cost to have great looking and mechanically sound seams.

Great tool

This is by far the best tool I’ve found for making a nice professional looking edge on aluminum. Highly recommend!

George Pelletier
Supper TOOL

This tool is great for taking the slight edge curl out of a skin when riveting to the edge. The adjustment is critical to keep from over bending the edge. Pay attention to the video about this tool and it will work great.