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Close Quarters Dimple Die Set (SKU: DIE4263CQ)

  • $29.43

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Product Description

  • Close-quarters die allows access to holes where there is not clearance for a squeezer or c-frame.
  • Just what you need for tight spots.
  • Pull die mandrel with pop riveting tool to squeeze dimple.
  • Springback angle on both die faces. 
  • Precision Manufactured on CNC machines. 
  • Don't make 14,000 mistakes on your airplane!
  • See also DIE-KIT.
  • We guarantee these dies work better than any others or we will give you a refund!
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  • Need replacement mandrel sets? They can be purchased here.

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Q: How long do they last?
A: The steel mandrels should only be used for thicker skin dimpling, but they should last quite a long time. The copper mandrels are much more malleable and will eventually stretch with repeated use. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Always the right tool for the job

These little things are a wonderful! We've had a few locations we just could NOT get a squeezer, and these close quarters dies saved the day. Also saved my bacon when I forgot to dimple a few fuselage holes in the flat. No other tool could have reached those holes.

As for the company, Cleaveland tool is fantastic! Since we started our RV14A kit, we have had wonderful support from the folks at Cleaveland. These guys and gals regularly go above and beyond to help the experimental builder. Please support them any time you are able.

Mike Stoner
Close Quarters die set works

When you need it, you need it. This set works much better than one I had from another vendor. Don’t hesitate if your build needs a dimple die that you pull with a blind rivet tool.