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Single Flute Countersink Cutter

Single Flute Countersink Cutter (SKU: CCSF40)

  • $22.00

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Product Description

  • Single flute won't leave wavy chatter marks in the bottom of the countersink like the 3-flute will.
  • Single flute are much more aggressive, do not push on them like the 3-flute!
  • 100 degree single flute.
  • 3/8 body diameter.
  • 1/4-28 thread
  • Use with micro stop units (CT-196, CT-360& CT-365).

Notice:  Due to the geometry of  these cutters the pilot is back cut a bit making the pilot weaker (especially the #40).  We find that about 10% of the #40 pilots end up having the pilots break off when used under a side load.  CAT does not warranty for this, use at your own risk.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The Best

I got a single flute countersink with my original tool set from Cleaveland Tools. Unfortunately it broke recently and I ended up using a competing product. It was terrible. Would not clear the cut scrap and scratched every other hole. Really bad. Glad I got my replacement from Cleaveland. Works perfectly.

Timothy Higgins
Zero flutes ?!?

I’ve been super frustrated with chatter from my three flute countersink, and was at my wits end. I’d tried everything it seems. These babies do the trick, very pretty and consistent countersinks. I do see they can be fragile, but so far, so dang good.

Worth it

Definitely get this if you want to avoid chatter and have a smooth countersink. I bought this to countersink my 7 trailing edge and it did not disappoint. I got the #40 and I did not have the tip break off. But as they say YMMV. Worth it!


These are 99 times better than 3-flute countersink cutters. I can’t give 100 times better because the pilot seem to be just a tiny bit bigger which would normally be good but I couldn’t use them on the wing spar with nut plates already installed as directed by Van’s. They cut so much faster, easier, and cleaner. Get some and you won’t regret it. I will be ordering more in case I break the pilot off which has not happened yet after some 400+ cuts. I can’t be without now. Wish I would be bought sooner.