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Rivet Removal Tool

Rivet Removal Tool (SKU: RRT4)

  • $70.50

Product Description

  • This nifty little tool works much like the countersink cage. 
  • Interchangeable collars center over universal head rivets while the bit drills out the center. 
  • Included are #40, #30, #21 and #10 bits and collars. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeff Robeson
Why did I wait so long

This tool is high quality and really makes it a whole lot simpler to remove AN470 rivets.

As part of our aerospace education night, I allow cadets from my Civil Air Patrol squadron to work on my plane under my supervision. Of course, I expect riveting mistakes. After a number of mistakes, I ordered this tool, quickly drilled out the bad rivets and then replaced with good ones. Wish I would have spent the money sooner.

Dave Mills
Rivet removal tool

Quality and less $$$ than other suppliers. Shipping is fast and reasonable.

Jim C.
Expensive tool that does very little

How is this a "rivet removal tool"? All it does is allow you to center a hole on a rivet head. You still need to drive the rivet out. with a punch. The depth control is nice, but probably not needed in most cases, and besides, you have no control over the depth of the punch either! I could make some hand held drill bushings counterbored to the diameter of the rivet head, and I wouldn't have to worry about this awkward and expensive tool. Finally, what keeps the rivet from spinning? That is likely if the materials clamped are soft or plastic, and as a natural result of drilling through the head.

We don't have a record of you purchasing this tool from us Jim. As with all of our products if you are not satisfied, you are welcome to return it for a full refund.

Dan H.
A must-have tool for anyone who rivets!

This tool makes it nearly effortless to drill out a bad rivet. Just put the tip of the the instrument over the dimple and hold it in place, and your bit is perfectly centered over the bad rivet. Makes rivet removal easy, and prevents damage to surrounding areas. How did I live without this one?