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1" Thin-Nose Pneu. Yoke (SKU: SNYT105)

  • $160.00

Product Description

  • 1" Thin Nose Yoke.
  • Thin nose design to reach in tight places.
  • Used to squeeze rivets only, will not accept dimple dies. 
  • Made from 4140 steel. 
  • Heat treated prior to machining to eliminate warping.
  • The varied yoke designs expand the usefulness of the pneumatic squeezer.
  • Allow hard to reach areas to be dimpled and riveted with ease.
  • Compatible with Cleaveland Tool's Main Squeeze Hand Squeezer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great little yoke

So I have 6 yokes now. It’s important to realise you need an arsenal of different yokes if you want to build your aircraft using the right gear. I use this yoke often on tight spaces and close edges. Like any yoke it’s meant for specific areas and it’s brilliant for those areas.

David Forgerson
Disappointing Tool

There is nothing wrong with this yoke, if it is what you want. However, if you are expecting it to eliminate the need for indirect riveting on the Van's airfoil practice kit, you are going to be disappointed. The nose on this yoke is thin, but it is not nearly thin enough. Cleaveland Aircraft Tool should sell enough tools to complete the Van's airfoil practice kit. This means selling a tool or tool kit to do indirect riveting -- and making a video on how to use it.

Bob Penzien
Yoke Review

I purchased the 1" thin nose yoke which is a must for riveting in tight places. The standard 3" yoke and longeron yoke are essential for the majority of your riveting. The standard 4" yoke is awesome for riveting those rivets just over the 3" reach. I highly recommend these four yokes to start with. I may eventually get the 4" thin nose yoke but haven't needed as of yet.