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Shop Reference Poster

Shop Reference Poster (SKU: PRPOST)

  • $10.00

Product Description

Handy reference poster contains a wealth of valuable information. Hang it on the wall of your shop for a quick lookup of :

  • Decimal equivalents of fractional, number, and letter drills
  • Wire gauge reference with amp capacity, weight, and diameter
  • Sheet metal gauge thickness
  • Rivet reference with drill number, cleco, bucking bar, edge distance, and rivet pitch 
  • Galvanic corrosion chart
  • Fastener pilot and final drill size chart
  • AN hardware reference
  • Coarse and fine thread screw size, threads, clearance hole, drill size, major diameter
  • Torque values for coarse and fine thread bolts
  • Rivet quality reference and troubleshooting checklist 

Printed on heavy-duty poster stock. 

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