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Warranty Details

Cleaveland Aircraft Tool Warranty Information

Brand New - Not Reconditioned

We don't sell reconditioned tools because we just wouldn't know what we were selling. Many tool companies sell tools that were bought from surplus bins from large aircraft manufactures. These tools are then 'reconditioned' and sold as such, or even at times sold as new. These may have serious defects as the result of dropping (falling off the wing of a 747), or other misuse or abuse. Although these defects are not often seen there is usually a reason the tool has been replaced. Sometimes good deals can be had if one is able to inspect the tools first, but we choose not to take the risk. This way we can stand behind the items that we sell, saving our customers time and frustration. Good quality tools are a joy to use, inferior quality tools just make the job seem like work.

Returnable - No Restocking Fee

In an effort to make sure that our customers are perfectly happy with their purchase from us, we have no restock fee on returns. We know it is taking a risk ordering a product with only seeing it in a catalog or online. We have all been disappointed at times when a shipment is not as expected. With our policy, you can order three different drills, plug them each in, play with them and decide which one you like in the privacy of your own shop. Or you can get a 2X or 3X rivet gun and see which you like better. Then return the one(s) that you don't want to keep. This assumes that the tool is still in new condition. You only pay the shipping charge. Please don't abuse this policy thinking that we are a tool rental store, or you will spoil it for everyone. For legal protection I will say that: Returns are subject to Cleaveland Aircraft Tool's approval.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Most products of Cleaveland Aircraft Tool are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the tool. This warranty applies to original purchaser only. The manufacture's warranty will be honored first. Once it expires, Cleaveland's warranty takes effect. This warranty does not cover tools that have been abused, misused, modified, not properly lubricated, or due to normal wear and tear. Cleaveland Aircraft Tool will, at it’s option, repair or replace the defective product free of charge with the exception of shipping. Cleaveland Aircraft Tool's sole liability and your exclusive remedy under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product, or if the product or parts are no longer available, Cleaveland Aircraft Tool may, at their discretion, substitute a comparable product. There are no other warranties expressed or implied and Cleaveland Aircraft Tool shall not be liability for incidental, consequential, or special damages, expenses or costs except as described above. Warranty is void if tool is disassembled by anyone other than Cleaveland Aircraft Tool or their approved Agent. Warranty does not provide protection against any event related to gravity.