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Hex Shank Hole Deburring Tool (EXCLUSIVE by Cleaveland Tool) (SKU: DB04)

  • $29.70

Product Description

  • Deburring bit with hex shank fits into a cordless screw driver. 
  • 100 degree, one-hole chatterless deburring bit with intergral 1/4" hex shank.
  • A cordless screwdriver is very controllable and makes deburring drilled holes almost effortless. 
  • Use this bit for most hole deburring jobs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lewis MacKechnie
Hex Shank Deburring Tool

I purchased the entire tool kit for my RV-14 build from Cleavland Tool. The quality and usefulness of these tools has been superb. The hex shank deburring tool has one of my frequently used tool. It's unique in being able to chuck up in a cordless hex shaft drill and quickly deburr many holes. Highly recommended

Tim Tomko
Just what I needed!

Deburring the many holes in a Van's rv project can be tedious, time consuming, and inconsistent. I was looking for something to expedite this task and I found it with this tool! I use it with a cheap harbor freight cordless screw driver and it makes deburring the many holes a snap. It is high quality and I highly recommend it!

Great tool

This bit is my go to deburring tool. I use it with a swivel hex driver. One or two turns and the hole is perfect.

Karl Kleimenhagen
works well

The common speed deburr, having a 3 flute cutter, easily takes off too much metal. With a single cutting edge on what's otherwise a cone, this tool is far more forgiving. I put it in a Black & Decker model AS6NG cordless screwdriver, which turns at such a low rpm you can count off one or two revs of the cutter and stop. I've only done a few dozen drilled holes as a test, but in none did it cut too deeply.

Glenn Evans
Ok but

Works well on number 30 holes but I’m not using it on number 40 holes anymore. I got the de burr set with the dog leg handle to try….other than that a drill spun in the fingers. It leaves burrs still on number 40 holes but worst is it picks up material in the single flute cutter and spins it around on the edge of the hole marking the alclad. Only being honest and just today I made another decent order my my main tool supplier Cleaveland tools because everything I have bought from them is top notch tooling. So not to be down on this tool at all as it works well on larger holes just don’t get it for number 40 holes.