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3M Cut & Polish Wheel - 1" (SKU: AB-3MM1)

  • $11.00

Product Description

  • Scotch-Brite Cutting and Polishing Unitized Wheel, 7-Medium density-grit
  • Long lasting; aggressive for tough deburring and polishing
  • Use to deburr and radius edges
  • Blends and polishes 
  • Will not load up like grinding wheel 
  • 1" x 1" x 1/4" center hole 
  • Use 1" & 2" wheels in a drill or die grinder to reach tight spaces (mandrel required)
  • For 1" wheels, use screw-on mandrel (3MM-100)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very good product, great for deburring small parts and edges of sheets of metal. Last a long time does a great job. 

Tim Tomko
A "must have" for Rv project

Deburring edges on a Van's rv project is greatly expedited with these 3M C&P 7a wheels. I found I needed all three sizes to handle all the intricacies in the metal parts. I use the 1" on a cordless driver, the 2" mounted on my drill press and the 6" on my bench Grinder. With the versatility of having all three sizes, I can deburr a rib in just a few minutes. I will need to caution first time users to no not run your edges horizontal with the wheel as it will quickly wear a groove in wheel. This is what I did with one of my smaller wheels but I have learned to use the wear groove to my advantage.

Small debuting wheel

Perfect for polishing the inside edges of the holes on the inside of metal ribs, and any other small area that's hard to get to with your big buffing wheel. Use it with a mandril on your die grinder.

Michael Tovani
3M Cut & Polish Wheel - 1"

This is whats needed for getting into those hard to get places for de-burring.