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3X Rivet Gun w/ Quick Change Spring (SKU: RG3X)

  • $389.00

Product Description

Taylor Rivet Guns Feature:
  • 3X Gun- up to (very short) 3/16" rivet capacity.
  • Extra sensitive teasing throttle for full control.
  • Hardened tool steel piston & alloy steel cylinder for long life.
  • Spool valve provides slow heavy blows needed to drive rivets.
  • Accepts .401" diameter shank rivet sets.
  • East to handle - light and compact.
  • Made to operate on 90psi air pressure.
  • EZ change retaining spring included.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • See also 2X gun.
  • Replacement spring available.

Use air flow regulator to adjust for different rivet sizes and lengths.

Note: DO NOT mistake an "Air Hammer" or "Muffler Tool" for a Rivet Gun.  Such tools are not intended to be used for riveting.  They hit too hard and too fast.  They are not controllable and will ruin your project.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thomas Klammer
Reliable Rivet Gun

Does what you expect it to. Good ability to modulate the strike from slow/soft to hard/fast.

Eric Rosel
Get rid of the old gun!

I built and RV8 several years ago with an old gun passed down from my grandfather. We didn't have any issues, but with the recent RV10 project the old gun was sticking and giving us fits. Ordered a new 3X from Cleaveland and can't believe we were able to build the -8 with that old gun. Night and day difference. Very happy with the purchase.

Jonathan Kibrick
Company Stands by its Product

High quality gun with sensitive trigger. At one year my gun wouldn't fire (likely aluminum filings got jammed in there somewhere purely as a guess). Coordinating with Cleveland, I sent gun to Taylor in Florida for repair after they instructed me to flush with diesel or kerosene to try to clear it out. I couldn't fix and they were willing to fix it free of charge. They sent it back to me and paid for shipping, even after they put time in attempting to diagnose problem which was intermittent in nature. The owner even called me to talk through the possibilities for the intermittent problem. Both Cleveland and Taylor stand by their product. You can't go wrong with people that are committed to the products they make and sell.