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Close Quarter Rivet Pulling Wedge

Close Quarter Rivet Pulling Wedge (SKU: PRW12)

  • $23.60

Product Description

  • Designed for RV-12 rivets that get pulled in close quarter or corner applications.
  • Manufactured by Avery Tools from 1/4" x 3/8" steel bar.
  • Length 4" long.
  • Turned up angle at 10 degree to shift pop rivet stem and puller away from corner.
  • Plated finish.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Extremely Helpful

Don't think that this tool is for RVs only! It's perfect for anywhere that makes it tough to get your rivet gun straight on the mandrel. I'm using it on a Sling 2 wing, and it's making life a lot easier, as well as a better finished product!

Dave Mills
Game changer

Gives a little offset to fit puller in tight area. Money well spent

Not just for RV-12s

Great tool. Made of steel so it won't wear out quickly like my home made aluminum wedge. Cuts down on the number of broken mandrels, where the mandrel breaks halfway up instead of at the rivet. Using it on RV-7 - wish I had it for left fuel tank brackets but will definitely be using it on right side and on rib-spar area.