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Countersink Jig For RV Trailing Edge Wedge - EXCLUSIVE by Cleaveland Tool (SKU: CJ25)

  • $42.00

Product Description

Designed to maintain desired angle while countersinking the trailing wedge found in various Van's aircraft kits including models RV7, 9, 10, and 14. 

The drill jig is designed for wedge strips used in the trailing edges of control surfaces found in a variety of Van's aircraft models such as the RV7, 9, 10, 14.  It simplifies countersinking by providing a more stabilized surface area on which to rest the countersink cage. The jig also helps assure that drilling/reaming/countersinking is done at the correct angle since those operations can be done with tools held at a right angle to the jig/wedge surface.


  • Identify which side of the jig to use. The side marked "14" is for the RV-14/14A's elevator wedge strips, the other side is for all other wedge strips.  See the illustrated photos to clarify the two types of strips.
  • Secure the jig to your work surface. The recommended approach is to clamp the jig to the table of your drill press.
  • Position your wedge strip in the jig with the thick edge in the deep recess. Align the holes in the wedge (or marks for drilling) with the holes in the jig.
  • Drill/ream/countersink as needed.

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Customer Reviews

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Ken Bochman
Great product!

I purchased this countersink jig a few months ago knowing that it would be awhile before I had the opportunity to use it. I’m currently building an RV10 and flying an RV14A I also built. I wish this had been available several years ago. It would have made building the trailing edges on the rudder, ailerons, flaps, etc. so much simpler with regards to countersinking the wedges. It holds the wedge at the perfect angle so there is no guess work on whether you are square with the piece and the 40 sized hole. My only complaint would be the price, but well worth the cost in my opinion. I didn’t have the opportunity to use it, but the jig will also accommodate the reverse angle wedge on the 14 elevator.