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Deluxe Airhose And Manifold Block Kit (SKU: ACDX-IB)

  • $190.00

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Product Description

  • Manifold Block (SKU: ACM13IB) with 1-in port and 3-out. Mounts to bench or wall providing multiple outlets for tools.

  • Your existing standard air hose connects to manifold to supply air.

  • Very flexible, lightweight hoses with miniature couplers supply air to up to three tools.

  • Kit Contains:
    • 1- Manifold (available as an inline block, or hex configuration)
    • 3- 10' Lightweight Air Hoses with Miniature Couplers and Plugs (SKU: ACKIT).
    • 3- Mini Socket with 1/4" Male Thread (SKU: ACF21M14) installed in Manifold.
    • 1- Plug to 1/4" Male Thread (SKU: ACM23M14), standard quick-connect for standard supply hose, installed in Manifold.
    • 6- Mini Plug with 1/4" Male Thread (SKU: ACM21M14) that go in the end of your air tools to connect to the Lightweight Hose.


Independent review of our hose kit from RV-10 builder Ed Kranz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Burt Wadas
Great Product

This is a great time saver. I have my drill, rivet gun and Numatx squeezer all hooked up at the same time which saves a lot of time and hassle coupling and uncoupling air hoses. The light weight hoses are also really nice vs lugging the main air hose around. If you don't want or need the manifold, getting one of the lightweight air hoses is really worth it.

Jeremy B
One of my favorite purchases in my entire tool kit!

I hesitated to buy this manifold and hose kit because of the cost of this relatively simple setup. But once I mounted the manifold on my workbench and installed the mini couplers on my air tools, I was very happy I made the purchase. The hoses are the lightest and most flexible of any of the hoses I've looked at over the years. The small couplers are extremely high quality as well. The convenience of having all of my air tools using this system and the manifold right on my workbench was well worth the price!

Dale B.
So nice!

I also hesitated buying this because it's not cheap... in fact it's a little spendy, but oh so nice to have. I mounted the manifold block and a filter/regulator on my bench. Now I keep the compressor set for 90 PSI for airing up tires and using the nail gun, but have 40 PSI on the bench with these nice light weight hoses for the air drill and rivet gun. The hoses are light weight and very flexible, fittings weigh less, and the manifold makes it easy to have more than one tool ready for use at a time. I'm not sorry I spent the money.

Paul H
Convenience Plus

I was initially in two minds about acquiring this product as it seemed somewhat expensive and perhaps overkill. I have always had an issue with the weight of the components and the hose working against me particularly when using my squeezer in confined spaces. So, after bumbling around with large hoses with their bulky connectors for 6 months, I decided one night to give it a try. As usual the purchase was very easy from Cleaveland. When the product arrived, I attached the manifold to the mobile work table that I use, replaced the connectors on my tools and did away completely with the bulky swivels that used to be in the line. I now connect my heavy weight line to the manifold at the table and use light lines from there. It has made a substantial difference in the way I operate. The tools are no longer being weighed down by the connections, hose etc... I do need a special line configured with a heavy connector to connect allow me to use my light lines directly to heavy lines when I am not using the manifold. I am planning on modifying an additional hose that I am buying today with an NPT and the appropriate connector to get around this shortfall.