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Dimple Die Set - Rivet Size (SKU: DIE4263S)

  • $24.75

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Product Description

Select sizes needed via the drop down menu, one at a time.

  • This size required for Van's RV kits.
    • 426-3
    • 426-4
    • See also screw sizes for #6, #8, and #10 screws
  • Springback angle on both die faces. (read more about springback here)
  • Minimizes skin deformation.
  • Skins remain very flat!
  • Precision manufactured on CNC machines.
  • Stainless Steel - Heat treated.
  • Polished dimpling surfaces.
  • Don't make 14,000 mistakes on your airplane.
  • See also DIE-KIT.
  • We guarantee these dies work better than any others or we will give you a refund!
  • Due to changes in kit design and production we no longer manufacture Tank dies or Substructure dies.

Building a Van's RV Series Kit? CLICK HERE to see which dies are recommended for your airplane.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
John Ruyle
Best Dimple Dies

They are the best dimple dies I've ever used. I own others, but the Cleaveland dies are superior to the rest. I'm an A&P building my own RV so I'm particular about fit and finish and these dies produce an excellent finished surface.

Jim Baldauf
Simply the best

Love these dimple dies. There is literally no deformity to the skins, looks so much better and has a real profession look. Would highly recommend.

Walter Hudson
3/32" Dimple Die

This dimple die works great, however I had to buy a new one after about 1000 hits on the C-frame--the stem broke off the female end.

Small Diameter Female Die

The small diameter female die is a necessary addition to the tool kit, enabling dimpling in tight spaces.

Ken Buckspan
#4 dimple die

No craters when forming. The die utilizes the correct spring back angle to eliminate extra material deformation. It was amazing how well it worked . I was going to counter sink to produce a crater free wing skin but after using the spring back dimple die, I produced a stronger flush riveted surface.