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10' Lightweight Air Hose Kit (SKU: AC-STK)

  • $47.00

Product Description

Leave the heavy rubber hose and coupler on the floor!

Also available with three hoses and a manifold block in the Deluxe Air Hose Kit

Independent review of our hose kit from RV-10 builder Ed Kranz

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Customer Reviews

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Don’t drop the hose

The female coupling, usually attached to the mini hose, has a snap ring holding the fitting together. The snap ring and it’s seat are susceptible to irreparable damage when repeatedly dropped. Minimize drops to the floor.

THis is a no brainer

A smaller, lighter hose leash?
Why aren't these all over the market?
Only 'uncoiled' one I could find is here.

Every air tool should have this.
So much easier to move around the shop and around the work. Its a no brainer, must have.

Gordon Maclean
Lightweight air hose kit

Much better than horsing around a standard air hose around the fuselage or on top of a workbench.

Gregory Young
Long time user

I've been using the lightweight hoses and mini couplers for over 15 yrs. All my air tools have the mini couplers. I just ordered 2 more hoses so I'll have one at each of the 4 air drops around my hangar. I can't imagine going back to the heavy hoses and big couplers.

John Lynch
Air hose

Very handy that Cleaveland provides a complete hose assembly for the miniature flexible hose for air drills. Thought I’d have to buy all the fittings and assemble it. Much more convenient! Cheers