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Swivel Mushroom Set

Swivel Mushroom Set (SKU: RSMS75)

  • $60.60

Out of stock - Discontinued

Product Description

  • Swivel mushroom flush set with .401" dia. shank.
  • Rubber grommet keeps the set from skating on the skin.
  • Does not allow you to see what you are doing or if you are centered on the rivet.
  • See also the preferred  RSM-10


Watch a YouTube video of our June 2013 Tool Hangout showing why we don't really recommend these as your primary flush set, or read about it below.

Answering a common question about rubber guarded sets vs. non-guarded:

We don't generally recommend the sets with the rubber ring. The pressure applied to overcome the tension of the rubber, and get the set up against the Aluminum is high. This pressure will end up making a dent in the skin if the bucker does not push back equally as hard, or slips off. All of this pressure makes it harder to keep the bar on the rivet. Instead we recommend using the steel set only, pinching it between the thumb and index finger while just touching the Aluminum. This keeps the set from sliding and no pressure needs applied. The bucker simply needs to keep the set against the rivet, and when pulling the trigger the rivet will seem to melt beneath it. 

The metal only set is also shaped like a 'mushroom' so that the polished steel only contacts the rivet with about 3/8" diameter area. The rubber ringed sets do not allow you to see where the rivet is, so the sets are very flat hitting the skin in with about a 1" diameter area and spreading the rivet gun force in to the skin. With the increased pressure from the hand this is asking for skin deformation.

If riveting alone (we recommend just waiting until someone else is around to help) then the swivel set with the rubber surround is okay (said with some hesitation). It allows the user to concentrate on the bar rather than switching attention back and forth while the rivet gun is in action. Again we suggest using three hands for the best quality work.

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