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4" Pneumatic Yoke (SKU: SNY40)

  • $170.00

Product Description

  • 4" Reach Yoke. 
  • Made from 4140 steel. 
  • Heat treated prior to machining to eliminate warping.
  • The varied yoke designs expand the usefulness of the pneumatic squeezer.
  • Allow hard to reach areas to be dimpled and riveted with ease.
  • Compatible with Cleaveland Tool's Main Squeeze Hand Squeezer

Since the extended reach yokes flex more, we created a blog post on "What to expect from a long reach yoke". 

Tips for setting rivets with long reach yokes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bastiaan Kentrop
A must have!

Really a good completion of your toolset! With this bigger yoke you can reach the places you normally just can’t….

Great service and assistance

Great to work with, tools arrived quickly

Bob Penzien
Love the 4" Standard Yoke!

The standard 4" Yoke is just what you need when you can't quite reach a rivet for squeezing with the standard 3" Yoke. Surprisingly, I use the standard 4" Yoke quite a lot on my RV-14A build. Since the 4" Yoke is heavy duty, I experienced no flex when squeezing rivets. Works great!