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C-Frame Bench Dimpling Tool (SKU: CF80)

  • $253.26

Product Description

Cleaveland Aircraft Tool's C-Frame is a combination of the best features of several tools! It can be used for both dimpling and setting rivets. It's thoughtful design assures perpendicular placement of dimple dies and rivet sets to the skin's surface. 

When to use the C-FRAME TOOL

  • For dimpling of all control surfaces and internal areas of aluminum sheets
  • For riveting stiffeners and hinge fittings to the wing and empennage spars, as well as other sub-assemblies

Features include:

  • Base with a floating socket that protects against shearing of dimple die pilots; socket accepts .401" standard shank tools,same as a rivet gun! (SKU: CF80-SCK)
  • Set holder for dies and sets with 3/16" stems; has a .401" standard shank and can also be used in rivet gun; heat-treated stainless steel (SKU: CF80-RSH)
  • Ram with set hole which also accepts dies and sets with 3/16" stems; heat-treated stainless steel (SKU: CF80-RAM)
  • Arm capped with 1/2" ID sintered bronze bushings which are reamed to fit the ram for more accurate alignment
  • O-ring and low tension return spring holds the ram off of the skin for positioning
  • Comes with our #1 flat set for flush riveting (SKU: SSF1)
  • Arm, base, and front plate (SKU: CF80-FPL) are powder coated separately to allow for adjustment and fine-tuning of arm and tooling alignment.

Additional details:

  • 22" throat depth
  • Base is 1.5" x 4" x 5/16" aluminum channel (powder coated)
  • Arm is 1" x 2" x .120" steel tubing (powder coated)
  • Includes prints for building your own carpet-covered wooden table top to provide a perpendicular work surface; also available online here (C-Frame table)

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Former Cleaveland owner, Mike, talks about C-Frame usage on the Cleaveland YouTube Channel. He talks about this about 5 minutes into the video.

If you are an EAA member, you can also watch Wally Anderson demonstrate how to use the C-Frame on the EAA site.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Keeps your river or dimples perfect!

I built a 4” high by 4’ x 3’ table that sits on the floor with a short fiber carpet on top. You cut a slot at the 1&half distance and slide this river stand through the slot in the table so the rivet mount tube is level with the carpet surface. Now slide your wing skins on the top of the carpet and align with the rivet tube center and set your two dimple heads in the tool and then align skin holes with the dimple sets. Then either set the rivets/dimpled with and phuematic or hammer. You’ll never scratch your skins every rivet perfectly set. My RV9A is featured on Panels on Doug Reeves AirForce too. You’ll enjoy the results .Ron

nice quality

The c-frame came perfectly aligned right out of the box. Dimples are perfect and giving out plans for a carpet top is a nice touch! Simply put this thing is quality.