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Pneumatic Squeezer - No Yoke

Pneumatic Squeezer - No Yoke (SKU: SNB214)

  • $599.00

Product Description

  • This Pneumatic Squeezer is manufactured in the US using all new components. 
  • Now INCLUDES the Adjustable Set Holder, no shim washers or changing sets. Features 32-pitch thread, making it easy to adjust for different size rivets, as one full rotation is 1/32” (e.g. AN4263-3 and AN4263-3.5 are 1/32" different in length, so one rotation of the ram is all it takes to adjust from one size to the other) 
  • All moving parts are heat-treated and tempered to ensure trouble-free service. 
  • 3000lb squeezer rating for dimpling and setting 3/32" and 1/8" rivets.  
  • This type of squeezer requires a larger initial investment than the manual type, however, it will speed up dimpling and riveting. 
  • The uniformity of dimples and rivets will be superior to those squeezed by hand.
  • One pair of quick change yoke pins are included (SQP20).
  • This item is sold without a required yoke.  See Yokes, or order in a Kit with a yoke.


Squeezer Instructions, Setup & Troubleshooting - How to operate and also Solutions to the, "I can't squeeze a rivet," problem.

Squeezer SetupTable  - Dimensions table which is a quick start guide for setting rivets with the squeezer.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David Hedin

Works good no problems whatsoever.

David Forgerson
Good squeezer, but ...

This is a very good squeezer, but it is heavy and cumbersome. How about selling a foot pedal as an option for it. There is a YouTube video from years ago where you briefly talk about a hydraulic squeezer. Whatever happened to that?

Jay Erickson

Very nice tool, appears to be high quality. Works well.

Jonathan Kibrick
Better and More Efficient Riveting Tool

Although not a tool that is technically needed, its well worth it. Gives a third hand, especially in tight spots, that allows better quality squeeze on rivet, not to mention efficiency dimpling and riveting. Buy it, you won't regret it. Cleaveland tool and the manufacturer provide great support. One can always do without this, but I'm generally frugal, and I have no regrets.

Recommend getting 3" and longhorn yoke at a minimum. No hole yoke and 2" very nice, but one should know its high cost for low use, but I'd still buy them again. If you want to do your best work, always use the smallest yoke and the longest rivet set you can. I was getting so so results until Mike recommended using the longer rivet sets on the manufactured head...Results are beautiful. Lowers the amount of flex whether using pneumatic or hand squeezer. Also, make sure rivet set in manufactured side is roughened up (use the sidewalk trick)....that will result in more grip on that side, and less slumping over of the rivet. Thank you Mike for supporting all of us. Your tools, knowledge, and support are highly valued.

My new favorite tool

This might be the best tool purchase I’ve made for my build so far. I had avoided buying a pneumatic squeezer due to the cost, but the ease and improved consistency when setting AD4 rivets with this tool vs a hand squeezer or gun/bar makes a huge difference in speed and quality. The adjustable set and quick change pins are great, and I really appreciated Mike’s videos and explanations on setup. I bought the 3” and longeron yokes and plan to use this as the first option for everything that I can reach with it. This is a fantastic tool.