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Adjustable Set Holder

Adjustable Set Holder (SKU: SNSHA45)

  • $115.95

Product Description

  • Adjustable length ram eliminates the need for shim washers and various length sets. 
  • When using with 1.25" thick yoke bases or longeron yoke use a 1/2" long flat set or the ram will be over-extended.
  • To be used with pneumatic squeezer.
  • Features 32-pitch thread, making it easy to adjust for different size rivets, as one full rotation is 1/32” (e.g. AN4263-3 and AN4263-3.5 are 1/32" different in length, so one rotation of the ram is all it takes to adjust from one size to the other) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Forgerson
Being adjustable is great

Having an adjustable set holder is great. It is the only way to go. However, it flops around and it is a pain to keep it's orientation in the squeezer correct every time you change yokes. It should be easy enough to make it so that it only goes in one way and it stays there.

Jonathan Kibrick
Great product...But which side to square end face?

Great product. But what side should the square face be oriented to? Inwards toward the tool or outward toward the outside of the tool (toward the open end of the yoke)? Surprisingly, not obvious in that it works both ways. One way is suppose to bind more but at least for me, not completely obvious.

Peter Cowper
Necessity for Pneumatic Squeezer

No more removing pneumatic squeezer dimple dies or riveting sets to stack shims. Just twist the lower movable set to adjust quickly.
A necessity to really enjoy a pneumatic squeezer.